Credit for Chris Taiatari Barbé for the Photo

Our Sensei

Mitsugu Fukuda - Kyoshi 7th Dan

Fukuda Sensei is the Head Sensei (teacher) for UTS and has trained kendo for over 40 years in Japan. 

Outside the club, Fukuda Sensei has supported the New South Wales Kendo Association (NSWKA) and Australian kendo in various roles, most recently as the NSW State Coach, leading the team to win the Australian Kendo Championships in 2018. 

Fukuda Sensei has also facilitated a number of high profile seminars, inviting guests Sumi Sensei (8th Dan), Furukawa Sensei (8th Dan), Kamei Sensei (8th Dan), Takanabe Sensei (7th Dan) and Wako Sensei (7th Dan).  

Fukuda Sensei trains with the mindset of "Shoshin" or beginner spirit, meaning to always train and challenge yourself to be better. 


Coaching Achievements: 

  • Coached 5 x national champions (Mens Dan & Kyu, Women Kyu)
  • Head Coach at UTS Kendo Club – 4 x overall Unigames champions
  • 2018 - NSW State Coach - 1st  place Men & Womens Dan Team,  Womens Kyu Team
  • 2013 - NSW State Coach – 1st place Men Dan & Kyu Teams