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What is Kendo?

The martial art and culture of kendo is intensely rich in both history and discipline; the literal translation reads as the “Way of the Sword”, and there is a powerful focus on not only physical improvement, but the improvement of one’s own self.

Kendo is one of Japan’s oldest martial arts, being closely associated with traditional samurai. In the modern day, it is widely practiced throughout the world by both men and women. Practitioners are known as “kendoka” or “kenshi”. 

The practice of kendo is the training of both the mind and the body. Mentally, kendo focuses on each individual’s own path towards improving one’s own sense of self. Also known as etiquette, this cultural aspect of kendo is interchangeable with the intense physical commitment required to properly progress one’s own strength and confidence in skill. 

Within kendo, there is a high value in performing to the best of one’s abilities, rather than simply being “the best” out of a specific group. Kendo, as such, is about maintaining a sense of “spirit” despite adversity, and trying despite bad odds. 

About Us

Our Sensei

Mitsugu Fukuda Kyoshi-7th Dan

Our Coaches

Hugh Chang 5th Dan
Taek Yang 5th Dan

Kai Huang 5th Dan
Jayson Chaplin 5th Dan

Luke Lee 4th Dan

Our Family

Here at UTS Kendo we are one big kendo family 

Location and Training Times

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or email us at utskendo@gmail.com

UTS Kendo

Ross Milbourne Sports Hall, UTS Building 4


Tuesday: 7pm -10pm

Friday: 7pm - 10pm

Sunday: 10am - 1pm

Kids class Sunday
11:30am - 12:30pm